The “Professor Tielen Fund” Foundation (PTF) is a Dutch Foundation with the purpose to support young scientists from developing countries to attend veterinary congresses. It was an initiative of the organising committee of the Xth International Congress on Animal Hygiene in Maastricht in 2000. This bi-annual congress is always organised under the responsibility of the International Society for Animal Hygiene (ISAH) at leading Universities all over the world.

The PTF supports this young scientist by financing the congress- and lodging costs and contributing to the travel costs. The applicants for support have to origin from countries considered by FAO as developing country, have to be no more then 35 years old and have to present a paper on the congress with a scientific level meeting the standard of the scientific committee.

Since 2000 the PTF was able to support out of 192 applications all together 112 young scientist from developing countries all over the world for a total costs of about € 90,000. The young scientists origin was from the countries: Albania, Algeria, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Bulgaria, China, Chile, Croatia, Cuba, El Salvador, Egypt, Estonia, Ethiopia, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Lithuania, Malasia, Mexico, Nepal, Nigeria, Philippines, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia , Slovenia, South Africa, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Syria, Tanzania, Turkey, Czech-Republic, Uruguay, Zimbabwe.

In the presented posters and oral presentations by these young scientists was special attention to the basic disease problems in the developing countries, like parasites, epidemics and enzootic diseases and zoonoses. Most of the PhD-students finished their PhD - thesis after attending the congress.

The impact of the PTF-support varied but was in general very successful. For instance:

Dr. Aland Andres from Estonia was supported in 2000 and is now ass. Professor at the University in Tartu and is Vice-president of the ISAH.

Dr. Bhanu Prathap Singh from India organised a scholarship for a training course in the Netherlands at the congress and is now one of the leading senior research pathologist at the University of Newark in the USA..

Dr. Stella Huertas from Uruguay was supported by PTF in 2003. She is now Porfessor at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Montevideo and presented a paper as key-note speaker in the congress in 2009 in Vechta .